Chocolates with Galactic Inspiration

Beautiful, high quality, delicious edibles to take you into the cosmos and back. Your Choice: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or Sugar Free. 


Keeping Pace in an Emerging Market

The legal edibles market is still a new one. That means companies must evolve with emerging trends.

Outer Galactic Chocolates (OGC)—a infused chocolate company from Mendocino County—is  a small, family-run company that’s trying to keep pace.

Since launching in 2017, their colorful line of milk, dark, and sugar-free dark chocolates have been recognized as, “Best Dark Chocolate Hybrid,” and “Best Chocolate Truffle” by Edibles Magazine. OGC also took home the prize for, “Best Chocolate” at the Emerald Cup in 2017.

As one Emerald Magazine contributor, Nora Mounce, previously wrote about the chocolates, “[they] are deliciously old-school […]. Like an Ella Fitzgerald song playing at a rooftop party, Outer Galactic Chocolates are timeless, elegant and fitting for nearly every occasion.”

The 10mg treats are made in small batches with recipes developed deep in the Emerald Triangle. Each is hand molded, and hand painted with a colorful cosmetic design.




Press play on the video below to see a full review  and check out how our award winning chocolates are made.



Our edibles use ingredients from small farmers that use sustainable growing practices. Made with optimism for our fellow people, and deep regard for our planet.

Small Batches

OGC are made in small batches with love, time, and care from Laytonville, California by an award winning chef, restaurant owner, chocolatier, and college professor of the culinary arts.

Q Fermentation

When we created OGC we wanted the highest quality possible, that’s only possible by using the Q Fermentation process which captures the purest, richest flavor from the Cacao Barry.


Every one of our chocolates has a unique colorful swirl inspired by galaxies and capturing the art that goes into every step of our process from farming the cannabis, to fermenting the cacao barry, and combining it all into a beautiful experience.

Our Mission

At Outer Galactic Chocolates, we believe that cannabis can change the world while taking you on a trip to other ones. We’ve crafted out infused chocolates with a combination of culinary expertise, deep-rooted history, and beauty to bring you a truly unique edibles experience.

It’s our hope to lift the voices of our cannabis community at every step of our process – from initial sourcing, to product creation, to partnering with organizations that share our goals of ending prohibition and creating an inclusive, thriving industry.

We are a part of a movement and – wherever you are out there – we hope you join us.

The Team



Co-Founder & Chocolatier

Growing up in Miami Beach, my dad managed multiple resorts and restaurants catered to the celebrity crowd that cruised through on holidays. As a kid, I’d wander around these spots and often found myself in the kitchens, learning from the staff. I found that I had a natural inclination for culinary arts – particularly baking and candy-making. During my college years, I began experimenting with making cannabis-infused food, and dedicated myself to the craft.

I’ve spent years as a chef and restaurant owner and have always stood behind my core values of creating food of quality, beauty, and amazing taste. After being a friend and partner with Jeff in the restaurant business, when he asked me to join him in Outer Galactic Chocolates, it was a no-brainer. Honestly – what’s better than the marriage of high-quality cannabis and delicious treats?

At Outer Galactic Chocolates, we combine cannabis with inventive culinary expertise to give people something that’s truly special. It’s important for us to not only pay homage to our history as activists and cultivators, but to go forward with the intention of providing our products to everyone – including those who, like me, are fighting diabetes but still want to have a delectable infusion experience.

From somewhere out there,




CEO, Co-Founder & Chocolatier

In 1982, I bought my first piece of land in the rural, golden hills of Mendocino County. I was twenty-six and living in San Francisco, selling pot to get by when a buddy of mine introduced me to the beautiful countryside of northern California. I started driving up there every weekend, growing my own cannabis for the first time.

By the next year, I was living in a tiny trailer on that land, tending to my grow. I had no electricity, no plumbing, and no legitimate job. All I had was my plants and the belief that I was part of a movement coming into its own.

We believe that cannabis can change the world while taking you on a trip to other ones. Over the years, I’ve continued to fight for the full legalization of this plant in all aspects – including an end to mass incarcerations of disenfranchised communities for non-violent cannabis crimes, rights for rural growers and their families, and environmentally sustainable growing practices.

I’ve learned a lot on this journey, as all the twists and turns have led to creating the Outer Galactic Chocolates brand. After years of growing high-quality cannabis, experimenting in the kitchen with “special” treats, owning a restaurant and supporting local businesses in the Emerald Triangle, and taking leaps of faith to further my own creativity in this industry, I’m proud to offer our premium infused products.

Our team has crafted Outer Galactic Chocolates with the intent to bring people a unique cannabis and culinary experience. We stay true to our values by sourcing responsibly, working with partners that respect our planet and fellow people. We give regards to our history by lifting the voices of cannabis farmers, activists, and organizations that support the development of cannabis businesses by communities most affected by its prohibition.

The fight continues. I hope you join us in it.

With love from the cosmos and back,




Director of Marketing

I grew up in the backcountry of Mendocino County, playing hide-and-seek in my dad’s cannabis gardens and spending my time dreaming of adventures. As a kid, I knew the plant as an integral part of my family’s life: we lived in accordance with its lifecycle and it gave us prosperity. Through our cannabis crop, I found mentorship in both my parents and our friends (my babysitters) that came during the harvest, and developed my own passion for the industry while studying business in college.


Outer Galactic Chocolates represents an alliance of generations of people who have lived and breathed the ethos of a cannabis community. We strive to give people the ability to go far, far away with our products; to use their minds for otherworldly adventures while we maintained a commitment to authenticity, beauty, and great taste.

All that I’ve learned from my parents’ dedication to this plant and expertise in the craft manifests in our brand. Going forward, I intend to continue our fight for diversity in the industry – through the support of business driven by women, people of color, farmers, and ex-felons, and all those whose voices have been stifled in the mainstream cannabis culture yet have been on the frontlines of this fight for decades.

We are a part of a movement, and it’s a long time coming.

From a galaxy far away,

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